Spring around the cornor?

I thought I would do a post since I haven’t done one for a good week or so since spring break has come and gone. I just want to talk about this time of the year and the season of spring. I want to know who made the seasons start at the certain times because the weather never follows when the season is suppose to start. I mean the summer starts at the end of June, spring starts at the end of March, Autumn starts at the end of September, and Winter starts at the end of December. These areas of starting for each season doesn’t make much sense to me. The only one that might make the most sense is Autumn starting at the end of September but really you could argue it starts in the beginning of the month. To make winter start at the end of December is stupid to me, it should start at the end of November or the beginning of December. It starts to snow and is way colder in those weeks, how can you call that fall? Then “they” get spring and the summer time wrong too. Spring starts in the beginning of April to the middle of April, not March 20th. Then they make the summer start at the end of June so really kids are on spring vacation and then transition into summer vacation, so really summer vacation is two months with a month of spring. And this “spring break” is really a short winter break. To me Spring starts in April, Summer starts in June, Fall starts in September, and Winter starts in December, and not the end of December the very beginning and even some of November is like December. April and May is how the real spring should feel and June until August is how the real summer should feel. October is real Autumn weather and December is real Winter weather. So for the people out there that say it’s spring time out right now because it says it on the calendar, how can I put this, as Cee Lo Green puts it in a nice term, Forget You! Seriously if it is snowing out it is Winter not no Spring time. If it is under 50 degrees it is Winter, even though that sounds really hot up hear in Minnesota. And it is not just snowing and rainy in Minnesota, New Jersey and Green Bay are getting hit pretty bad with snow, along with out west with some cold cloudy weather. I am not in denial about Winter still being here so either should you people out there. If you are in Florida it is still Winter there you just are always sunny, so you guys don’t count. How boring to have one type of weather forever, throughout the whole year. Anyway more later.

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