Trying to make sense

Usually I don’t like talking about Global Warming, but I can’t make sense of what it actually is and if it really exists. This is how the scientist say it goes: the world is warming up so the ice caps have melted and therefore changing the water current to be colder, so the world will is actually cooling down. So really they say it is global climate change, or global cooling, and the wording of global warming is confusing. I don’t like this reasoning because if the world is getting cooler each year then shouldn’t the ice caps develop again into ice? What is the big deal about the ice caps melting if the world is just going to get colder and create them again. This is why I hate global warming and don’t think it is true. I think this is just a cycle that the world does every hundreds or millions of years and nowadays people are more aware of the weather and what it does, we keep track of it. We over think more about things becasue we are more developed in technology now. Really this whole thing that is happening to the Earth right now is just nature taking its course and shouldn’t effect so many people making such a huge deal about it. Just because we have the technology now to analysis the Earth doesn’t mean this is the first time the Earth has gone through this cycle. Way back they didn’t take notes down on the weather every single day, just the major weather event that created a lot of damage. Like Japan with the earthquake and tsunami. That will be remembered and there are other earlier dates that are still remembered because they had a major effect on people and cities. But do we know what the weather was like a week before those earlier major weather events happened, no. I’m just saying scientists are trying to make a big deal out of this so they will get more recognition and be in the media. They just want to make controversy and make people talk about it. And it worked for them because it was a huge deal and people were trying to tell us how we can make global warming better so it doesn’t destroy the Earth. Like recycling and car pooling, whatever else they came up with. To me none of that is going to stop it, these might help stop pollution but not what they call global warming. Just let the Earth do it’s thing and leave it alone. I think people who are trying to get involved are just making it worse and making it a problem. If no one said anything we as people wouldn’t be scared or worried about this, we wouldn’t even care. I am not worried about it and think people should just calm down with it. I also want people to know that the way the scientists are describing global warming doesn’t make any sense, as I said earlier. Until the Earth gets destroyed or freezes over global climate change isn’t a problem. People need to stop saying it exists and it is bad for the Earth. You don’t know that so stop making those accusations and let it be. Don’t make something out of something that isn’t there. Does that make sense?

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