Baseball Fantasy Drafts- A breakdown

With Spring right around the corner, or “already here”, baseball season is coming up. The first real games actually start on March 31st, luckily Minnesota doesn’t have a home game until mid April, haha. Baseball drafts I think are getting as big as football drafts, but the difference is that baseball is harder to draft for. There are so many players needed on one team and ESPN makes every one have nine pitchers. So there is more thinking and strategies to baseball drafts. I am doing my last baseball draft today, and I hope this will be my best team so far. I’ll name off one team I have drafted so far that I think is pretty good:
C. Miguel Montero, ARI
1B. Miguel Cabrera, DET
2B. Robinson Cano, NYY
3B. Ryan Zimmerman, WAS
SS. Stephen Drew, ARI
2B/SS. Howie Kendrick, LAA
1B/3B. Prince Fielder, MIL
OF. Justin Upton ARI, Andrew McCutchen PIT, Corey Hart MIL, Nick Swisher NYY, and Adam Jones BAL
UTIL. Kendry Morales*LAA
Bench. OF. Michael Morse WAS, SS Asdrubal Cabrera CLE, and SP Jeremy Guthrie BAL
Pitchers: RP Brian Wilson SF, RP Joakim Soria KC, RP Jonathan Papelbon BOS, RP John Axford MIL, SP John Danks CWS, SP Jonny Cueto CIN, SP Ricky Romero TOR, SP Ervin Santana LAA, and SP Mike Pelfrey NYM.
Problems with this lineup: Some could say I don’t have an ace or not enough good starting pitching.
My thinking on that is Danks, Cueto, and Romero can win 15 with a ERA under 4.00, plus I have awesome relief pitching. I also think Santana, Pelfrey, and Guthrie are way under rated. Guthrie isn’t on a great team but the Baltimore Orioles are much better this year, with more offense and better management. With Johan Santana out for a couple of months Pelfrey will become the ace and he has proven he can throw over 200 innings in a season while keeping his ERA under 4.00. Santana won 17 games last year and the Angels, I think, are a great team.
Problems: Kendry Morales has had issues with injuries in the past and will start the 2011 season on the DL.
My thinking, I drafted this team a week before it was announced that Morales would start the season on the DL, and Morales can hit over .300 while hitting 30 plus homers and driving in 100 plus RBIs, so he is worth the risk. Also I can put him on the one DL spot in my lineup and pick someone else up from free agency that can be effective for me until he comes back and he will be way more rested then everyone else when he comes back.
Problems: I don’t have a backup third baseman.
I’ll be fine with Zimmerman, .300 average with 25 homers, and if he gets injured I can pick one up, like a Danny Valencia from the Twins, who is a free agent in most leagues.
Problems: Who the hell is Michael Morse?!
He is coming into his first full season for the Washington Nationals as a staring outfielder. He hit 15 homers with a .289 average in 63 MLB games last year. I have seen this guys at bats this spring and they are good. If you like Jason Werth or hate him they have a similar swing, at least hitting the ball the other way. He has been killing it during spring training with 7 home runs, and I have to say I think this guy is for real, so that is why I have him. He is a major sleeping because I actually picked him up from free agency and dropped Alfonso Soriano.
Awesome things about this lineup:
I have three powerful good hitting first basemen, even with Morales out for a little bit I’ll be all right. Fielder can hit 40 homers with a good average plus he is in a contract year where players usually play there best and Cabrera can hit .330 with 30 plus homers. Personally the best thing about this lineup is how the hell did I get Cabrera, Fielder, Cano, Zimmerman, Morales, McCutchen, Upton, Hart, and the best reliever in baseball, Wilson, all on the same team? I don’t know it is a draft miracle, and I was actually two picks away from getting Paul Konerko but the guy in front of me picked him so I decided on Morales which actually looks big right now, but other than that people drafted stupid.
Like I have said before never take a pitcher in the first three rounds! And I love when I have people in my draft who take a pitcher in the first round. I also love when I have the 9th or 10th overall pick because then I can get two awesome players in a row because after the 13th pick the players drop by a lot. I can have a 9th and 12th pick or a 10th and 11th pick. Moral of this draft is always fill your offense up first, relief pitching, and then get sleeper pitching later in drafts. Carl Pavano, MIN, is usually not picked either, maybe the last round, and he can easily win 15 for you, another major sleeper. And the only relievers that are worth taking later is Leo Nunez, FLA, and maybe Jake McGee, if he actually closes this year for the Rays. Take my advice even if you hate it because it might help you out. Damn that sounds cocky.

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