There’s always one

You ever watch a game, whether it is basketball, baseball, or football, where you are just watching it just because it is an important game and it might be entertaining. Well I just got done watching the number one Kansas team against the number eleven VCU in the NCAA tournament, and I hated watching this game and I’ll tell you why. I really had no preference to who I wanted to win I just thought KU was way to good for this team so they would win when it is all said and done. I think I would have been right if the refs didn’t call everything again Kansas. This is another reason why I don’t like college basketball because the refs call more ticky-tack fouls then they do in the pros. But not only were they calling every single little thing it was all against the Kansas Jayhawks. I hate it when refs call more things against a more talented team becasue they are the big dog and I know the refs will never admit it, but I think sometimes refs want to see the smaller worse team win, they want to see the upset. So I believe in this game that is why the refs called everything against Kansas; this was a lopsided calling game and Kansas was on the wrong side of it. I don’t know how this team, VCU, have gotten this far but they will NOT win it all. I have seen this team play three games in a row and there is something about this team that I don’t like, something that they are missing for becoming a championship team. They have the coaching, the awesome ball handler point guard, and the big guy down low. Really the thing they are missing is a straight up great jump shooter. They have some good three point shooters but those shooters only get hot for 5 minutes of the game and then they don’t do much later. This team has speed but really all this speed and not enough big guys and jump shooters is going to bite them in the ass. Like I said with the Patriots when they traded Moss, they might be good in the regular season but when it gets deep in the playoffs they will miss him a lot down field and I said a team like the Jets could really have a great advantage from that. So who did they end up playing? The Jets and they lost to them at home. So in the Final Four not having enough talent is really going to hurt this team and I understand why this team is rated at 11 instead of 5. They have the potential to get there but not enough to win it all. VCU will be playing Butler in the Final Four and I think Butler couldn’t ask for a better matchup. Butler is not that big but they fight and scrap for rebounds. VCU has the speed but Butler has the aggressiveness to win it all and they have some talented guys and guys who can close. If it wasn’t for the refs in this game today we would have saw a Kansas comeback because VCU doesn’t have a full closer. Butler has Mack and Howard, both true closers and very aggressive guys who can score. I actually thought Butler would be the team to knock out the number 1 Kansas Jayhawks because that coach for Butler is a genius play caller and draws up some awesome schemes. He knows what to do for each team and he has a full week to plan for VCU now. That is dangerous. So there is that one game that really bothers me in playoffs or tournament play and that was the game in this tournament. No other game really has bothered me that much so far until today. I really thought there might be a chance of a game in this tourney that wouldn’t bother me, but I was wrong there’s always one.

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  1. Deron says:

    This has been one the strangest tournaments I’ve ever seen. VCU’s win sets up a historic game with Butler, two unranked teams in Final Four game. This occurrence says a lot about college basketball today, anyone can win it all.

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