The Fab Five

In honor of the Final Four coming up this week I thought I would talk about the Fab Five. For those of you who don’t know the Fab Five were five freshman that played for Michigan back in 1991 and all were starters for Michigan from 1991-1993. They made the Final Four and made it to the championship game two times in a row, as freshman and as sophomores. The five included Chris Webber, Jimmy King, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, and Ray Jackson, they were all black. I only mentioned that they were black because back in 1991 five black freshman starting in a basketball game was unheard of and racism was still there, more then it is now. Of course this made the news and alumni from Michigan were sending letters and complaining about these guys starting for Michigan. They were racist and mean horrible letters. This was just one of the many things these guys had to go through while being in Michigan. The first year as freshman no one expected them to even make it past the first round in the tournament and they went all the way to the championship. People were shocked that four freshman were doing this, ultimately they lost in the championship to Duke by a lot. Michigan was up at half time and Duke just dominated them in the second half, this is surprising to me. I mean these guys earlier in the season really hung in there with Duke during the regular season when they faced them for the first time and then they just got dominated in the second half. The next year people were expecting them to win and did live up to exceptions until they lost in the 1993 national championship game to North Carolina. This game was close and yes this is the famous game where Webber called a timeout when they had none, which lead to a technical and 2 free throw shots. Really Webber should have never been in that situation because they should have called traveling earlier on that play but they didn’t. It’s a weird chain of events but that game is famous for Webber calling a timeout. After those two years Webber went into the NBA draft and the Fab Five was done. They had no championships but they are still remembered today and will be for a long time because of what they brought to college basketball. Long shorts and black shocks is what they brought. Seriously I am happy for all these five guys being on the same team because I don’t think I could watch basketball with there shorts being so short. I don’t want to see short shorts on a man only a woman and even on them some look bad. I actually wish the Fab Five have won the championship because they deserved it, they did a lot for college basketball and a lot for the University of Michigan in only two full seasons. Now Michigan took down the Fab Five banner and Final Four champions because Chris Webber took money from a guy when he played in college and so did Rose. Michigan is very stupid for doing that to them just becasue the NCAA says it’s bad doesn’t mean it is. These college kids weren’t rich and they just needed some pocket money for food. I mean did you see any of the Fab Five driving around in a merchandises or wearing brand name clothes? No you saw them wearing regular clothes and didn’t buy any material shit until they got to the pros. The NCAA still needs to do something about this rule to get it changed, some kids just need a little extra money for themselves or there families. If I played any sports in college and someone came to me and told me I can help you out with money problems and someday if your good in the NBA you can pay me back, if not don’t worry about it. I’d say hell yea and thank them. I also would hope one day that I would be able to pay them back, but if they are a successful person and have a lot of money then I wouldn’t worry to much about it. Ed Martin, the guy who helped college players out, was a successful business man and did have a lot of money. This is like giving to charity and the NCAA is saying this is wrong. Well screw the NCAA and there rules. They can’t make rules on how to run your life so if you are in money trouble and people are helping you out it’s okay that’s life. People need help sometimes so don’t be afraid to accept help no matter what a stupid rule says. So I just wanted to celebrate all that the Fab Five did for college basketball, even when the NCAA probably hates what they did while they were in the NCAA. I respect them for all the changes they brought and not being afraid to do what they needed to do to keep living.

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