Kevin McHale: Why he should never show his face in Minnesota

Kevin McHale is a Hall of Famer in the NBA, was the GM for the Minnesota Timberwovles, a coach for them, and now is an news caster for NBA TV. This guy supposedly put up tremendous numbers with the Boston Celtics as a player, and now always talks about how good Boston is and rags about the organization every time he is on TV. This guy is the worst thing that ever happened to the sport of basketball in Minnesota. When I was in 7th or 8th grade I loved watching Kevin Garnett with Sam Cassell, Latrell Sprewell, and others play and make it deep into the playoffs two years in a row. The Wolves use to have a great coach in Flip Saunders had some great point guards with Chauncey Billups and Stephon Marbury. And we even drafted Ray Allen. When I was watching the Timberwolves when they were good I never really realized how stupid are GM was and all the moves he approved of the years before. I mean we get rid of Allen in the start of his career, Billups in his prime, Marbury in his prime, and then we trade for two older guys and one of them chokes his own coach, Sprewell did with the Knicks. We had about a two year run with these guys but without any championships. If we would have just kept Allen and Billups the Wolves would have gotten a championship and Garnett wouldn’t have had to go to the evil Boston Celtics to win one. McHale is a chump for talent and he thinks experience will win it all the time, well it didn’t. Billpus won a championship with the Detroit Pistons and Garnett won one with the Celtics. Both guys he just gave away. Also he let go of Flip Saunders from the head coaching position after one bad half of a season in the 2004-2005 season. He coaches us into the playoffs every year and the one year he doesn’t you are going to blame it on him?! I usually am very critical of Minnesota head coaches, but I like Saunders as a coach. McHale even got so air headed that he thought he could coach the Timberwolves. He took over in the midseason during 2004 after he let go of Flip and went 19-12, not bad. Then the year after he traded Garnett for Al Jefferson, there were more players in the trade but Jefferson was the only good one, he decided I’m going to turn over this young team and become head coach. You see what had happen was we found out that McHale sucks at coaching. He ended up coaching most of the season going 20-43. And this guy thinks he knows tons about basketball. Not only is he a horrible GM, coach, and over rated player, but he didn’t even see talent and leadership when it was right in front of him. I would like to have seen a 20 year old Kevin McHale try to play with these guys now in the NBA. He would get crushed, he wouldn’t even be good. Now I’m not saying back in the 80s players were worse then they are now, but there are more talented players for defense and way more coaching strategies nowadays. Guys like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, and Michael Jordan could definitely play with these guys now, all of them are natural athletes and worked hard. McHale isn’t I have seen old basketball games with him and I always think to myself, he was good? He looked awkward out there on the court. How he even put up that one good year in his career is nothing short of a miracle. He only scored over 2000 points once in his career and was only over 700 rebounds twice. Dwight Howard has seven years in a row of at least 820 rebounds, with six of those years over 1000. Howard’s total rebounds in almost seven full seasons is 7201 where McHale’s total career rebounds in 13 years is 7122. So yea he is just a tad bit over-rated, don’t you think? This guy was born in Minnesota, went to college at the University of Minnesota, and managed a NBA team in Minnesota. If he spent half of his life here why does he hate this state so much to screw our NBA team over more then once. Then he leaves when he noticed they really suck and are never going to be good. Right now the T-Wolves have 17 wins while the Celtics have 51 and McHale couldn’t be happier. You know a guy is loyal when he stays around after the team really sucks and McHale just left us to pick up his mess that he brought to the Wolves organization and at the same time handed over a championship to Boston with the addition of KG. He loves Boston more then anything because they made him look good as a player and got him into the Hall of Fame with all the championships they won while he was around. News flash just because a guy has some rings doesn’t make him good. From 1980-1993 McHale played pro basketball. Boston won championships in 1980, 1983, and 1985 while McHale was on the team. Now in 1980 McHale started only one game for them that season and only scored 818 points, and in 1983 he only started 10 games. 1985 was the only real season for him as he started 62 games. So he really didn’t help this team win they could have easily won it without him all of those years, yet he holds three rings. So before people start saying he was great and is a Celtics legend, he really isn’t. At most he was a good bench player for most of his career with one great starter season in 1986 where he scored 2008 points with 763 rebounds. McHale is a guy that ruined basketball for me, I started hating basketball after we started letting go of the coaches and all my favorite players, so thank you McHale for screwing over basketball in Minnesota. I might still be playing basketball and watching it every night if it wasn’t for you. Most recently I have been watching basketball more and actually starting to enjoy it again, even if the Timberwolves lose every night I like watching it.

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One Response to Kevin McHale: Why he should never show his face in Minnesota

  1. Ken says:

    I entirely agree, Kevin McHale was the reason this franchise is in disarray, but lets get the record straight, Kevin didn’t leave the Timberwolves. He was fired by management. I despise McHale as much as you do, but lets put the real blame on Glen Taylor for allowing McHale to stick around for so long. For what it’s worth, what has the owner done since McHale has left? Not crap. He should be compared to likes of Donald Sterling(Clippers), who care more about the profits rather than the quality of product that is being put on the floor. Lets face it, as long as you have loyal fans packing the arena night after night, then why should the owner have to be burdened by highly priced players. This why after 2004, with the owners blessing, they decided to dump the pieces around Garnett and become a lottery team once again. The only way to cure the problem for the T-Wolves is for the owner to sell the team to an owner that has a passion for winning. Also, they need to dump Rambis. He hasn’t done s??t the last couple of seasons here. The triangle offense only works with talented players. Find a new system.

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