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Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie

The Chicago White Soxs manager, Ozzie Guillen, is serving a two game suspension and has been fined for things he said on the internet during a Soxs and Yankees game. First off the MLB should not be involved with what … Continue reading

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Liriano-Maybe we should have traded him

The Twins were fishing around with Fransisco Liriano early in spring training about trading him. If you read my earlier posts you would see I was totally against this because Liriano is a solid pitcher, but mainly because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Madden Cover

Today they announced who would be on the cover of the new madden game, Madden 2012. To my surprise they pick a guy that had his first real year in the NFL as starting running back for a losing team! … Continue reading

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Football Lockout

It’s about time I talk about this lockout the National Football League has been doing. This lockout has been going on probably a month now and technically longer because the conversations the NFL and the owners were having weren’t ever … Continue reading

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The tainted hall of famers

With the Barry Bonds trail going on and Bonds finding himself guilty on one of the four accounts and the most serious account it seems like a good time to talk about all the tainted hall of famers, HOFers, that … Continue reading

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Basketball Playoffs

As a fan of sports and an ex fan of basketball I just thought it would be interesting to see what teams are facing each other in the playoffs this year. Now I have been trying to follow basketball again … Continue reading

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Getting some runs

The Twins have started off the season 3-6 making us last in our division and Cleveland Indians are 8-2 making them first. The Twins shouldn’t be that worried because it is the beginning of the season, but the Twins haven’t … Continue reading

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