Not Again

Not only do the Twins have to open up in Toronto against the Blue Jays where we lose every series we have or get swept against them in Toronto, but we have to go to New York to go up against the Yankees for four games. So are first 7 games are against the East and we always lose to both those teams away. We barely survived the Blue Jays squeaking the last game of the series out 4-3 after getting blown out the first two games which isn’t a surprise. The Jays hit so many homers against us it is unrealistic. The Jays had four homers in the first game against us and a total of seven for the whole series. The Twins had two homers the whole series both coming from guys who didn’t even hit 10 home runs last year, Valencia and Span. So we are going to NY with a 1-2 record. Are record after getting out of NY will be 1-6. I don’t see us winning one because we are playing so horrible. We have 3 errors already in the field and can’t put up more than 4 runs in a game. Are middle infielders are terrible and are starting pitching sucks. To beat New York we need to put up at least 4 runs a game to have a chance and have great defense. We scored 3 runs last night against them and lost 4-3. And then today’s game came and we were down 4-0 after the second inning again. This is two days in a row where are pitching staff has put are lineup in a big whole. In three of the Twins first five games we have let the game get out of hand early. Four runs or more after two innings of play almost every night away is hard to comeback from and we haven’t proven we can come back from that deficit so far. I haven’t even mentioned how the Yanks just destroy us every year at home or away. The last win we got was off them was a late inning Jason Kubel home run off Mariano Rivera in top of the 8th inning last year and that was are only win, happiest day of my life. Other then that win I don’t remember the last win we had against them the past five years. I would totally look it up, but I don’t want to because I might get depressed seeing how many wins we have against them the last five years, which is probably in the area of 2 or 3 wins including last years win. I never expect to win against the Yankees, but for some reason I still watch every single game. I thought last year in the playoffs is when we would turn it around and finally beat the Bombers, but boy was I wrong getting swept and them, the Yanks, making it look easy to beat us in the playoffs no less. As a Twins fan I always root against the Yankees because I know if they make the playoffs they will play us and crush us. The one year we made it and didn’t have to play the Yankees in the first round we choked against a horrible Oakland A’s team, of course this is assuming the Twins will even make the playoffs this year. I just can’t stand seeing how horrible we play against the Yanks, whether it is a close game we miss so many chances to win in every Yankee game. If we play the White Soxs we capitalize on every chance we get, winning close games and crushing them. I don’t get it but that is how it is with the Twins. Another Yankee series means Twins fans should just break there TV set, stay off there fantasy leagues, and avoid any and all new stands, or else we will get pissed off and just break a window.

After the game just ended:
I jinxed the Yankees as the Twinkies came back to win 5-4 in 10 innings, so they can comeback from a 4 run deficit. Matt Capps was awesome and Joe Nathan looked better with more confidence in his fastball. Almost as happy as the Kubel homer in the 8th last year! And it’s not again that the Yankees would beat us.

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One Response to Not Again

  1. also michael says:

    but, but… didn’t they just clean up the room on the way out the door? What do you think… is Oakland going to be a set worth watching or just another busted TV risk?

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