National title game

Even though college basketball ended on Monday I didn’t really talk about the National Title game against Butler and Uconn. I wanted Butler to win, and personally I thought they would win. The first half of the game is what I kind of expected it to be, Butler making it a low scoring game and hitting very important threes. But the second half was a big surprise to me. Butler absolutely sucked in the second half, everything they threw up was a brick. Only scoring 22 in the first half you would think that team would not win but Uconn only scored 19 in the first half and they won. Butler only scored 19 points the rest of the game and overall shot 18.80% from the field and only 57% at the free throw line. This was the worst college basketball game I have seen and it was the National Championship game! What a bust of a game, if I knew Butler would come out and play like shit I would have rooted for VCU to beat them. At least VCU would have kept it closer in the second half. Losing 41-53 is not a close game and that score is closer than it should have been. I can’t even say Uconn played like champions in that game because they didn’t play that well either. They played better in the second half but still didn’t look like the best team in college basketball this year. If VCU didn’t luck out in that Kansas game we would have seen a J-Hawks blow out against Uconn. It’s unfortunate that Butler didn’t win but they didn’t deserve to win. I hope next year we will see two teams that will give there all in the National Championship game, even though the Uconn point guard played like a champ so he became a champ. I’m pretty sure everyone who watched that game and for those who stuck in there and watched the whole game were very disappointed. We had all that March Madness for a game like this, come’on man! Worst game I have seen in a championship game ever! Even the 2005 Super Bowl where Seattle played like shit and the refs rigged it for Pittsburgh to win, this game was ten times worse then that.

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