Calling balls and strikes

As I was watching the Cardinals and Gaints game in the top of the 9th with Brain Wilson coming in with a 3-2 lead I was skeptical if he could do it or not because I didn’t know if he was 100% yet. Now the cards ended up taking the lead after the top of the 9th 4-3 with Wilson not finishing the inning and leaving with the bases loaded. This would indicate that Wilson is not even close to 100% but I will tell San Fransisco fans why not to worry and why he is close to 100%. He threw his fastball up to 96 mile per hour and was consistent at 96 and 95. He had solid control of the fastball and when he threw the two-seam fastball at 91 and 90 he was around the plate, very good control with that pitch. Although he did walked three batters and hit a batter in two-thirds of an inning he really wasn’t that bad. This is how the top of the 9th went down. Wilson gets two quick outs in the inning and is facing Yadier Molina with two gone and no guys on. Molina takes a first pitch ball that should have been a strike, trust me it was right there. So later in the at bat a 3-2 pitch is called a ball and rightfully so, but Molina took the second strike and that should have been the third strike if the umpire would have gotten the call right earlier in the at-bat. So not a huge deal letting up a walk to a slow catcher, at least not at first. The next guy bounces to second base and Miguel Tejada, the short stop, comes out of now where to scoop it up and has trouble getting the ball out of his glove so the guy is safe at first. The second baseman would have had a easier play to get the guy at first. Instead the inning goes on and Jon Jay comes up to pinch hit. Jay gets brushed barely on the jersey and the ump quickly calls it a hit by pitch and gives him first base. I have never seen a home plate umpire call a hit by pitch so fast before and it was close to not even getting him. Any ways Ryan Theriot for the cards comes up with the bases juiced and has a career hitting of 0-5 with 4 strikeouts against Wilson. Theriot is down in the count 1-2 to Wilson and Wilson throws a strike middle in and the ump calls it a ball. Even the St.Louis Cardinal announcers said that was a strike and the ump missed the call. Now the 2-2 pitch is on the outside corner not as close as the other pitch, which was in the strike zone almost in the middle of the plate, and the ump calls it a ball! This pitch could have been called a strike and should have been called a strike since the umpire missed the previous strike call. It was obvious to the ump that he blew the first call because Theriot cringed when he took the pitch and made a move to his dough-out, he thought he was out on strikes. So this next close pitch should have been called a strike because of how obvious it was that the ump missed the call. So the count goes to 3-2 and about four balls fouled off later Theriot hits a soft grounded that goes into left field and two runs come into score. Wilson walks the next guy on four straight pitches and that makes Albert Pujols come up with the bases juiced in the 9th. The manager removes Wilson for the game so Ramon Ramirez comes into face Pujols. The first pitch is a ball up high but the ump calls it a strike, haha. The second pitch is like the one Wilson threw where it hit the outside corner a boarder-line pitch and he called that a strike well. Now this is a no name reliever in Ramirez and the ump calls the boarder-line pitches and a pitch that was out of the zone for him. But for Wilson he won’t call a ball that is in a strike zone a strike or the boarder-line pitch. He will give a guy like Theriot the call over a a batter like Pujols, and he will give Ramirez the call over a pitcher like Wilson, I don’t get it. He has no respect for players that have proven themselves in the majors over and over again. We all know the veterans should and do get the calls and the benefit of the doubt. So not only is this ump bi-polar with his strike zone, but he lets the no name baseball players get the calls. It seems like this ump wants to make the better players play more and to say I call the game. He’s just trying to be the big shot man and say to these players I’m right and your wrong even if a pitch is actually in the strike zone. It’s bad judgment and this ump should be fired. The MLB needs to hire umps that don’t have that big of an ego. Now the Gaints did tie it up in the bottom of the 9th and just won it in the bottom of the 12th, so I got to analysis this umpire a little more. He did get a little better but still had some bad judgment calls. He gave the Cardinals bullpen pitcher the outside call when there was a Gaint on second with two outs to end the bottom of the 11th. So he was still having issues and the crowd absolutely hated this ump. As far as Gaints fans go they shouldn’t be worried about Wilson because he looked pretty good. Really he should have probably had two strike outs to end the game on two different occasions but instead had no strike outs and didn’t end the game. Aaron Rowand ended it for him.

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