Basketball Playoffs

As a fan of sports and an ex fan of basketball I just thought it would be interesting to see what teams are facing each other in the playoffs this year. Now I have been trying to follow basketball again this season and have been doing a pretty good job, so we’ll see how much knowledge I will have about these playoff matchups. In the East we have the number one seed in the Chicago Bulls against the number 8 seed in Indiana Pacers, and then the number two seed the three headed monster in the Miami Heat going up against the number 7 seed of the new AI and his Philadelphia 76ers. Both these matchups will definitely be dominated by the top seeds. Miami is too talented for the 76ers and the way the Heat are playing defense recently they will probably sweep the series 4-0. The number one seed in the Bulls have tons of depth and have what I thought an overrated point guard in Derrick Rose until I saw him play this year and saw the numbers he is putting up. I just want to say that I take everything I thought about Rose back because of this year, and I really like seeing the Bulls being a dominate force again in basketball. Even though they have made the playoffs since Michael Jordan they haven’t been the number 1 seed in the playoffs and haven’t look this dominate since the Jordan era. The last two matchups in the East are the Boston Celtics the number three seed and the New York Knicks the number 6 seed, and then we have the fourth seed being the Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks at the 5th seed. To me these series could go either way. I know people are saying the Celtics have too much experience so the Knicks won’t beat them, but I have to disagree. The Knicks have plenty of experience plus younger more talented stars in there prime. They have a point guard that has been to the Finals and won it with Detroit, along with a power forward that is definitely in his prime with playoff experience, and a small forward that is also in his prime and has had plenty of playoff experience as well. I really think the Knicks could take this series against Boston and hope they do. I personally think Boston is too old to run with these guys for seven games, only Rondo can stay with them. The last match up will probably go to the Magic because of Dwight Howard but if he gets a technical in a game or two in the first round I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Hawks in the second round. Now to the West, where the Minnesota Timberwolves will not find themselves in this conversation, ha. The West has an interesting 1 and 8 match up. San Antonio Spurs hosting the Memphis Grizzlies. I think Memphis has a shot and I have heard others say that they do as well, but I know the Spurs won’t be bounced in the first round, they are too good and experienced to be beaten by a 8th seed. If it did happen I would be happy because I hate the Spurs. Either way Memphis will make it somewhat of a series and the Spurs will probably get knocked out in the second round, hopefully. After that we got the number 2 seed with the Los Angles Lakers matching up with the New Orleans Hornets, 7th seed. I’m going with L.A. all the way to the Finals again so absolutely will be going for the Lakers. N.O. has a great point guard that could lead a team to a Finals appearance but he doesn’t have much talent around him, besides Wright who can be inconsistent, I know because I have him on my one lonely basketball fantasy team this year. To wrap up the West we have the the third seed in the Dallas Mavericks going head to head with the 6th seed, Portland Trail Blazers, and then we have the fourth seed going up against the fifth seed of course. The Denver Nuggets traveling to Oklahoma City for 4 of the seven games. In this first match up I like the Trail Blazers, but the Mavs are just simply too good for them. In the other series I like the Thunder against the Nuggets because they do have home court advantage and have Kevin Durant with Westbrook, but I just feel that the Nuggets will win a series or two. Where ever they get bounced they are going to be a hard team to beat. So that sums up who are playing and who I think will win: Bulls, Heat, Knicks, Orlando, Denver, Dallas, Lakers, and the Spurs are all my picks, what’s yours?

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