The tainted hall of famers

With the Barry Bonds trail going on and Bonds finding himself guilty on one of the four accounts and the most serious account it seems like a good time to talk about all the tainted hall of famers, HOFers, that aren’t yet in the hall of fame but have the career numbers to easily be in it. Barry Bonds is the home run leader statistically and Alex Rodriguez will probably replace him as the home run leader in a couple of years but both will have a tough time getting into the Hall of Fame because of there steroid use. This is 1,379 career home runs in two guys and both might not be in the Hall of Fame. Another duo of steroid users that has 1,192 home runs combined that most likely won’t get into the Hall of Fame is Sammy Sosa and Mark MaGwire. As for Rafael Palmeiro and Manny Ramirez who have the numbers for hitting homers and driving in runs for the Hall of Fame, 1,124 homers and 3,665 RBIs together, but both probably won’t be in it because they both used steroids and not to mention how Manny left the game and how Palmerio denied using steroids over and over again. Overall the Hall of fame is going to at least miss 3,695 home runs, that’s a lot. The one baseball player that I have a hard time not seeing in the Hall of Fame is Pete Rose. I believe he would get voted in easily that is if the Baseball Hall of Fame didn’t vote to ban the permanently ineligible list from ever becoming inducted into the Hall of Fame. Rose is on this list because he gambled as a player and a manager on games. He did not use steroids and did shave points. He is the all time career hit leader and I believe he never gambled against his teams, especially when he was a player. He just wanted to make some extra bucks and have fun with it. He had that much confidence in the Reds and his team to put money on them, that’s all right with me. Now if he bet against the Reds as a manager then we have a problem, but I don’t think he did. So this is the one guy I would vote for that has the numbers and the rings, but Major League Baseball won’t have the choice for me to vote for him. It’s unfortunate to see the all time hits leader, 4,256 hits, without taking any performance enhancing drugs not being able to get voted into the Hall of Fame. I do think the Baseball Hall of Fame and the MLB needs to over-rule this decision and make Rose a HOFer for life.

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One Response to The tainted hall of famers

  1. Grandpa says:

    HI Mike,
    This last article was a good one. But I disagree with you as to reinstating Pete Rose.
    Baseball must be watchful that there be no gambling. Pete Rose knowingly bet on games.
    The rules on gambling was posted at the beginning of the year which banned gambling.
    As manager he attended meetings that went into detail about not to gamble, and he was responsible to discipline his players if he knew they bet on games.
    The reason baseball must be tough on gambling is the past. The 1919 black Sox scandal.
    This is where the Chicago Black Sox team got together and threw games.
    But Grandson, Your story was good.Very good
    Keep up the good work,
    Love Ya,

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