Football Lockout

It’s about time I talk about this lockout the National Football League has been doing. This lockout has been going on probably a month now and technically longer because the conversations the NFL and the owners were having weren’t ever going to solve anything, they both are too stubborn and thickheaded to get a deal done. Personally they are both being selfish and just need to come to an understanding and agreement so we can get all of this drama out of the way for football to open up in the fall of 2011. I am sick of drama having a whole season of drama last year with the Vikings, I just want there to be no drama incorporated with football and just let the sport play. I want to watch the Vikings this year with nothing else attached to the game expect for the game itself. With Favre and Childress gone we will have a clear headed season as long as the NFL and owners are dip-shits about the terms, which they have been so far. Just let the players play and do their thing, I want fantasy football again. With a lockout there is no football and with no football there is no fantasy football. The best thing that has happened to football and all sports the past couple of years has been fantasy leagues. It’s really fun to build your team, look at the stats, and try to predict who will do good again this year or do good for the first time. Plus you can have one or more team’s spending money or doing it for free, so you can experiment with one team. So not only should they stop this lockout to let the players play but also to let the fans do their thing. We watch, cheer, play football online, spend money for football, and get together to watch our team play winning record or losing record we still watch and care. I am happy that they have released the NFL schedule because I take it as a sign that there will be football next year. I do have a problem with it though because they are still in a lockout but they go ahead and release the NFL schedule for next year and are still going to have the draft. Since they have decided to do both these things then the NFL should decide to come up with an agreement with the owners or else what they’re doing right now is stupid and wrong. I mean if they don’t plan to do what the owners want or don’t plan on at least settling with them then they are giving everyone false hope. That is hurting the paid players right now, the first year players, the coaches, and the ticket holders/fans. If I was a star football player and I was a sophomore or junior in college I would stay in college for another year because there is a very good chance if they go into the NFL draft they won’t play football a whole year. But some college players are doing this and probably because they see the schedule being released and the draft about to happen as a good sign. I really hope there is football next year and think there will be, but I still don’t like or agree with what the NFL and the owners are doing right now. They are making the game of football look like a joke and it’s not.

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