Liriano-Maybe we should have traded him

The Twins were fishing around with Fransisco Liriano early in spring training about trading him. If you read my earlier posts you would see I was totally against this because Liriano is a solid pitcher, but mainly because I didn’t think we would get anything for him in the trade just like when we traded Santana. I think if the twins would have kept Santana Liriano might be a better pitcher and Santana would probably have a better career right now, he wouldn’t be hurt all the time. The New York Mets are good and everything but it seems like all there starting pitching gets injured sometime during the season. I was right about us trying to go after Michael Young for the short stop or second baseman. Look at our short stops and second basemen now. We have Alexi Casilla at short and Matt Tolbert with the Japanese player at second base along with Luke Hughes. Casilla, Tolbert, and Hughes are back up players at best, not starters. The Japanese player sucks at second base because he already made 2 or 3 errors so far in the games he has played and then we find out he doesn’t know how to turn a double play in New York so now he’s injured. He looks good hitting wise but can he stay healthy and play better in the field? If we had Michael Young, who is hitting the ball this year like every other year, we would look better right now in the line up. And if we were really serious about trading Liriano we might as well just traded him for Young and a pitching prospect from the Rangers farm system. Instead teams are seeing how horrible Liriano really is. He only has one good game where he walked five gave up two home runs in six innings pitching against the struggling Baltimore Orioles. Other than that he has had two starts where he gave up four earned runs and two starts where he let up seven earned runs all in five innings or less. In five starts so far he has an ERA, earned run average, of 9.31. He walks batters and he falls behind batters which leads to him getting hit more often. Since coming back from tommy john surgery Liriano has had major control issues and can’t seem to win games where he has control of the game. I thought with our pitching coach and Liriano being a dominate pitcher back in 2006 we would figure this thing out this year finally. It doesn’t look good. People can say it is too early in the season to say this because Johan Santana and Jon Lester gets off to slow starts almost every year. But this is not Lester or Santana, it is Liriano. He pitches like this in almost every game in at least one inning in each start. The only difference is if he can get out of that inning that he has control issues in and he hasn’t been doing that this season. This is how Liriano always pitches for people who think this is just a early season struggle because it’s not.

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