Madden Cover

Today they announced who would be on the cover of the new madden game, Madden 2012. To my surprise they pick a guy that had his first real year in the NFL as starting running back for a losing team! What kind of people do they have up there in madden to let Peyton Hillis be on the Madden cover. This is a guy who had a career year but so did a guy named Arian Foster and he scored 16 touchdowns and was the rushing leader when Hillis had 1,177 yards with 11 touchdowns. Not to mention Hillis had eight fumbles in only 270 rushes when Foster had a total of three fumbles in 327 attempts not mentioning all his catches. Now Hillis had a good season, but it is nothing compared to Arian Foster’s and the other nine guys ahead of Hillis in rushing yards, haha. I might understand why he would be on here if he was on a winning team but he wasn’t. His team, the Cleveland Browns, didn’t make the playoffs and had a 5-11 record finishing third in there division. I don’t get it! I also don’t get how the fans had a say in who got to be on the madden cover. Once it was narrowed down to Hillis and Michael Vick the fans supposedly got to vote. Vick had an MVP type season and took the Eagles to a division title and almost beating the Super Bowl Champs in the Green Bay Packers in the first round. I mean really we had are Super Bowl in the first round with the Eagles and Packers because who ever would have won that game would have won the Super Bowl. So what’s up fan!? I very much question why and how Vick didn’t win, and I question how Hillis was one of the last two considered for this. I didn’t even know we could vote until I learned who got voted in for the cover, so I did not vote because I did not know! There is no doubt who I would have picked because I am a real football fan and vote for a guy who deserves it the most. Personally Aaron Rodgers should have really been considered because he had an awesome year, not as good as Vick, and he won a championship. I am a Vikings fan for life and I am saying this. So the Madden cover I am not happy with and they need to change it or else I won’t buy the new madden. People who are with me should boycott buying the new madden edition, but who even cares really with no football this upcoming year? I really should just start talking about my picks and sleepers for the upcoming fantasy drafts for football. Don’t draft a quarterback too early, haha. Seriously I saw that today online a sports writer talking about the upcoming fantasy season and they had Adrian Peterson at the number one pick followed by Arian Foster, Com’on man! We don’t even know about this lockout being lifted as a good sign, I’ll leave it at this will the owners and the NFL actually get anything done with it being lifted?

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