Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie

The Chicago White Soxs manager, Ozzie Guillen, is serving a two game suspension and has been fined for things he said on the internet during a Soxs and Yankees game. First off the MLB should not be involved with what the players and managers say online. For punishing players for what they say online is unfair and I think goes against the freedom of speech because they are saying these things online within there own time. I don’t have a problem with the MLB or NFL stepping in if a player tweets during a game but when managers or players aren’t in the game or are not on the bench I believe it is okay. Guillen was kicked out of the game which means he can not be involved with the game or be in the dugout and that is when he tweeted. So I see nothing wrong with when and what he said. If the media wasn’t all over the place we wouldn’t know what anyone would say or when they say it! So this fine and suspension is ridiculous and although people were expecting something to happen to Guillen for what he did I really think the best thing they could have done was leave it alone but they didn’t. I know they want to make an example out of him because he is the manager, but if I was thrown out of a game I would do want I wanted to do because I am no longer needed in that game. Hell Guillen could have gone to a strip club when he got tossed out but then they probably would have suspended him for that too becasue he went there during a game, haha. I’m sure they wouldn’t fine or suspend a player that was injured for tweeting during the time that his team played. I say if you are a player and you are thrown out of a game, not with your team for family related matters, or injured it’s all right for you to write or type what you want to and publish it online during a game. I don’t expect the MLB to get this and change there minds but I am just pointing out how stupid some on these rules are. The only reason they have the rules and enforce the “rules” are to make sure the players, managers, and the overall sports population know that they are in charge and no one can mess with them. Besides that some of the rules mean nothing, especially the tweeting during a game rule.

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  1. also michael says:

    Like you wrote, “with the media all over the place” it really is hard to say anything at all and not have it picked up and spread around, if you’re a sports celebrity. (Any kind of celebrity.) I’m not sure the people in charge of the leagues and clubs act JUST to show the players who’s boss but also because they worry about the image of these clubs if a player goes overboard with what they say. But that’s kind of old-fashioned thinking in an era when technology has made it possible not only for professional press type media to be all over the place, but anyone with a cell phone, a laptop, and on and on. So I think I’m with you on this Barnes, but not so much because of issues about Freedom of Speech or the “bosses” power-mongering, but because in this technology age, it’s not possible to control. Know what I mean?

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