Round 2

Obviously I was wrong with some of my picks for the NBA first round playoffs as the Denver Nuggets got dominated by the Thunder and the New York Knicks got swept by the Celtics. Also the Magic and Spurs got bounced out of the first round and it wasn’t so surprising but I thought both of them would get it done, especially the Spurs. I do have to give big time credit to the Memphis Grizzlies and the Atlanta Hawks for playing very well and taking there play into the first game of the second round as well. Being 50% right, 4/8, for my picks isn’t horrible but it’s not the best. Now I hope I can pick the second round matchups a little better. Since the Boston Celtics won when I didn’t think they would maybe I should pick them to beat the Miami Heat, but I am not going to do that. The Heat won the first game of the series but this series is far from over and the Celtics always seem to lose the first game of a series and then bounce back to win game two, so it doesn’t matter that much that they lost game one. I do think Miami will close this series out and win though, with home court or not. The Thunder are already down to Memphis and lost home court, but they are able to rebound from that. Overall if Zach Randolph plays every game in this series as good as he has been playing Memphis will take this series, so I have to go with the hot hand in Memphis to take this series and it could be in pretty easy fashion. As for the other two matchups both teams I think are going to win the series have already fallen into a 1-0 hole and lost home court for right now. The Bulls lost to the Hawks but I still think they can comeback and take this series. Although the ATL is playing awesome right now I have to go with the MVP in Derick Rose to take this team to the Eastern Conference Finals. And as for the Lakers losing to the number three seed in the Dallas Mavericks yesterday I can’t see Dallas closing out this series. I mean they lost a game to the Portland Trail Blazers when they were up by plus 20 points in the 3rd quarter, and they also lost to the Miami Heat in the 2006 NBA Finals when they were up 2-0 in the series, losing 4-2 for the Heat and Wade to claim the championship. To me they are playoff team that chokes. Lakers are too good of a team and are the NBA back-to-back Finals Champions. I can’t go against them until they lose a series or get a big role player injured. So if you trust me pick the Heat, Lakers, Bulls, and Grizzlies to go into the Western and Eastern Conference Finals. I hope I can be 4-0 for this round but we’ll see how well I know the teams that can win in crunch time.

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