The no hitter

So Francisco Liriano of all the pitchers out there threw a no-hitter and the first one for this season. This was Liriano’s first complete game, first shut out, and first no-hitter of his career. I have no idea where this start came from but he wasn’t awesome he was just very good in this start, some say this no hitter didn’t look pretty. He only struck out two while walking six and having a pitch count of 123 pitches with only 66 strikes and 57 balls. That is not a good ball to strike ratio at all. And as I said before Liriano had a 9.13 earned run average with a 1-4 record for the season and coming into this game. Personally I am just impressed with the shutout itself but to no hit a pretty good lineup is impressive. People could say well he just threw balls to the good hitters and didn’t give them anything to hit because of all the walks. Well this is not true because he only walked Paul Konerko once and Carlos Quentin once. He walked the lefty Juan Pierre three times, and I know he didn’t do that on purpose. You see with Liriano he will walk guys he can get out and then pitch to big guys that have good numbers against him while being careful to them at times. I really think Liriano pitched this no hitter because of me. I posted way earlier how I didn’t think it was a good idea that we were thinking about trading Liriano and that we should sign him and then he goes 1-4 with a very high ERA. Then about a week ago I post how much Liriano sucks and say we should have traded him and then he throws a no-hitter in his next start. So obviously I need to bad talk Liriano to get him to be good. I am happy for him and it is about time the Twins get a no hitter because our last no hitter was Eric Milton in 1999, 12 years ago. I mean Mark Buehrle has thrown two no hitters, one perfect game, since 1999. So one person gets two and the Twins didn’t have any until now, it’s about time. This no-no is special but doesn’t mean Liriano is going to pitch this effective in his next start. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Liriano go four or five innings in his next start while giving up 5 earned runs. This start is a great sign but I still think he has a lot of work to do. We don’t need a no hitter every start from him we just need a quality start every time he goes out, and that means 3 runs or less given up in 7 innings or more. If he can do that for the majority of his starts the rest of the year then he is an ace in my mind. But with his ERA still over 6.00 and with a losing record he is not my ace on my team even with a no hitter. I know I sound negative on him, but I really was excited when I saw him get the last out on his no hitter. I hope he enjoys this no hitter as long as he can and bring that confidence in his next start and into the rest of the long baseball season.

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