Who will be in the Finals

From what I saw in the semi final round was at first shocking, then expected, and then exciting. I couldn’t believe that the Mavericks swept the Lakers or even beat the Lakers in the series. The Miami Heat beating Boston was expected but how they did it was shocking, in only 5 games they took out Boston. Also the Bulls winning was expected but the Thunder and Grizzlies series was exciting, triple overtime and a game seven. I really think whoever won the triple overtime game would win the series and the Thunder did just that. Now again I was 50% right with my picks as the Thunder and Mavs beat the teams I picked. Then Boston and Atlanta lost to the teams I picked. Obviously I am better at picking Eastern teams and not Western teams. As for who will win now in these new series I will give my opinion but I’ll probably go 50% again. I will take the Thunder to beat the Mavericks even though the Mavs just swept the back-to-back champions. I still am not sold on the Mavs and I think if they do go to the Finals they will lose to either of the eastern conference teams that are still in the run and the Thunder, I think, have a better chance against both of those teams. The Heat and Bulls have already gone under way and the Bulls took game one pretty easily, but I am still going for the Heat to win and comeback in this series. I mean the Heat beat the Celtics and they won the Eastern championship last year, but really it is because of the two superstars. I will take Lebron James and Dwyane Wade in a playoff series over almost anyone. I would love Derek Rose but that’s only one guy compared to two closers. Plus Wade has been in this position before and did it pretty much by himself with an aging Shaquille O’Neal. So probably take my word on one of these picks and the other pick just go the other way. Find one that you disagree on and that is probably the one I’ll lose. I will hope to see the Heat and Thunder in the finals.

Just have to make a note since I haven’t been posting lately about Harmon Killebrew. If you haven’t heard he is in hospice and can’t fight the cancer anymore, as it has progressed more then the doctors thought it would have. Although we have not lost him yet he is spending his last days with his wife and probably watching Twins games even if the Twins are playing there worst baseball since, I don’t know I’ll say sometime in the 90’s. This is a horrible time for the Twins to be playing so horribly, I mean give him one more Twins win when he is still living on this Earth. He is a great man and was a great ball player. He is 11th on the all time home run list and will always be number one home run hitter for the Twins, at least for me. Twins baseball won’t be the same but will live on, rest in peace.

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