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Stewie- Gay or Diabolical

As fans of Family Guy know and people who read my posts know Stewie Griffin from Family Guy can be gay and diabolical, an evil mastermind. In the older episodes back in the seasons 1-3 Stewie was mainly just Diabolical … Continue reading

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American Idol?

American Idol has been on TV for a month or so now and I have watched a couple of episodes, mainly in the beginning because that is when the show is funny. I was watching it yesterday when they were … Continue reading

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Actors and Actresses

Action: Mark Wahlberg- one of my favorite actors to watch, pretty much like all of the movies he is in, whether it is action or not. But he does make some kick-ass action movies, excluding The Happening I would watch … Continue reading

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Just some intresting things

Yesterday I found out some almost devastating news that I thought was true and then I found out it wasn’t. The news was that Selina Gomez was going out with Justin Beiber. Gomez is my girl man, she’s simply awesome … Continue reading

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Family Guy needs to go back to being Family Guy

I like Family Guy and will always be a fan of the show, but the show needs to go back to being themselves. I mean the first four seasons were original new comedy coming from Family Guy. Always filled with … Continue reading

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The copy cat of hospital shows

Some say and think the show Grey’s Anatomy is one of the best shows that is still on today. I say, no. Now I am not saying no because it is more of a drama show than a funny show … Continue reading

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SNL and Talk/Tonight Shows

My title is pretty explanatory on what type of comedy shows I will recognize in my next hundreds of words to come. For those who don’t know SNL stands for Saturday Night Live, which is every Saturday night from New … Continue reading

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