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The Star Spangled Banner

As we all know Christina Aguilera sang the Star Spangled Banner in the Super Bowl and messed up a couple of the lines. This made tons of people, “Americans”, outraged because as an American herself she should know the words, … Continue reading

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Just some intresting things

Yesterday I found out some almost devastating news that I thought was true and then I found out it wasn’t. The news was that Selina Gomez was going out with Justin Beiber. Gomez is my girl man, she’s simply awesome … Continue reading

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The Best old Time Rock bands

The best old time rock band could popularly be the Beatles. There are for sure two better bands out there that are better than the Beatles. Personally Journey and Queen have better music then the Beatles did. Now I know … Continue reading

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There is one!

It has come to my attention today by a family member that there is a Christmas song out there that is actually pretty good. The song is about Christmas and it is by a well known band with a good … Continue reading

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Christmas Songs

There are a lot of Christmas songs in the world and are played every single year for about 3 straight months. Even though there are a lot of Christmas songs, there has not been any good new ones in the … Continue reading

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Why Country music gets such a bad wrap

Since country music has been out it has been the most dissed music in the world, it gets even more of a worse rep and ripped on more than classical music, I think. I rather listen to country music any … Continue reading

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The True Beauty of Music

Many think singers or artists like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga are great at what they do and love their music, I disagree and don’t like any of these artists. Not just because they make weird … Continue reading

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