Twins 11’= stupid

The Twins must have taken a chapter from the Vikings and Brad Childress this past year and decided to make it close in the running for the stupidest Minnesota team. The Timberwolves were in the lead starting off last fall but the Vikings took over that last year and now the Twins are making and not making the stupidest moves of the past ten years for the franchise. Twins are now 10.5 games back in the division with pretty much just September to go. We just made a move today and did it within the division. First off why are we making a move after we are pretty much out of the AL Central race? And second off why would we trade one of the younger better outfielders we have to a division rival no less? We traded Delmon Young for a minor league player and a player to be named later. What are we thinking this year? We go out and pay a lot of money for an Asian player that is unproven and now we find out he sucks. Instead of this move we should have tried to trade for Michael Young in the beginning of spring training when he was still mad at the Rangers, and remember I said the Twins should trade for Young even with this Asian SS. But we didn’t because we wouldn’t want to make a move that would actually help our team. Now look at Michael Young’s numbers this year and tell me he wouldn’t have been worth it. If you told me that you’d be blind and deaf. So I thought we would make a trade for a starting pitcher and a bullpen guy before the trading deadline was up because we needed a lot of help with our pitching staff. So at the end of July when we were down by only 6 games we didn’t do anything. We sit on our asses and look like the stupid-ass team we truly are. Now we trade a great power bat to a rival team that we are trying to catch and we make this trade well after the trading deadline is up. What is the MLB doing helping this trade take form and making it happen so far after the trading deadline? Please please please tell me how any of these moves and non moves make sense. Also guess what happens today? We played the Tigers and Young homered against the Twins. I hope Young just destroys the Twins every time he plays us because for the Twins to do that to him when we traded a pitcher that is better then any pitcher we have on our staff right now and a short stop that is still hitting better then our short stops the past 3 years just to get Young, it is a slap in the face to him. It is telling him you were a failure and we rather have more unproven players on our team instead of you. So if you think about it we traded three starting players that have proven themselves for a minor league pitcher and a player to be named later on. Now if this player is Miguel Cabrera or Justin Verlander it is that best trade we ever made. But being realistic we are going to get another UNPROVEN minor league player.

Congratulations to Jim Thome hitting his 600th career home run tonight against the Tigers in a rare 9-6 Twins win. And might I add Thome did this without the use of steroids, even if he does look like he has used before because of how big he is and how much power he has.

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  1. Micael also says:

    Good to see you writing here again, Bosco! And yup, whenever there’s lots of money or power involved, there will almost always be stupid people making stupid decisions.

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