Getting some runs

The Twins have started off the season 3-6 making us last in our division and Cleveland Indians are 8-2 making them first. The Twins shouldn’t be that worried because it is the beginning of the season, but the Twins haven’t had a game scoring more then 5 runs and the time they scored 5 runs they needed extra innings to do so. We came home against the Oakland A’s and lost the series somehow scoring a total of 5 runs in the whole series. Just like the Boston Red Soxs the Twins look good on paper but the players haven’t been playing up to there potential, much like Albert Pujols so far. It’s funny to see how good teams and players struggle so early but then are able to come back. The Phillies did it a couple of years ago coming back for a poor start to win there division and Boston might do the same this year. As for the Twins we do need to score some runs because we have had problems in the past against no name pitchers. Being limited in scoring runs and losing against guys like Ivan Nova, Brett Anderson, Gio Gonzalez, and Brandon McCarthy isn’t a good look. The only game they won was against Anderson, but he pitched 7 shut out innings and 8 innings of only letting up 2 earned runs, also he is a very talented lefty. Other then that pitcher Nova is not a very good pitcher but he beat us, Gonzalez is an overrated pitcher that leaves curve balls over the plate but he shut us out, and McCarthy is a bullpen guy who started and beat us. This is what worries me about the Twins that they can’t beat guys like this. The good sign is that the Twins can win close games and rally against good starting pitchers and relief pitchers. We made CC Sabathia get a no decision in Yankee Stadium and made Anderson get a lose. Both great starters and we won both games. Without the Twins being able to do that they are only looking at 1 win so far this year. Every win we have gotten Joe Nathan has wrapped it up for us and that is another good sign. So in order for us to be a serious threat to other teams we just need to score some runs against bad starting pitchers. Tonight we have to go up against Jeff Francis of the Kansas City Royals who have been playing some good baseball. Francis isn’t that good of a pitcher but he had success in his first start becasue the American League hasn’t seen much of him yet, he played his first five seasons for the Colorado Rockies in the National League with some injury problems. So the Twins should have at least some success but the way there bats have been going they might have no success. Another good thing going is that the Twins are awesome against there division opponents and hopefully they can continue the great success against all of them in the 2011 season. First things first we just need to get some runs.

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