Because there really was no quarterback conterversy in Tennessee

Jeff Fisher is a very successful and respectable coach in the NFL for the Tennessee Titans, who has a tender-year of 17 years as head coach in Tennessee. Vince Young on the other hand is an immature baby as a football player that needs to grow up and show respect to get it. Whether all these things are true about both of these guys the whole situation between them was handled very badly by both. I actually blame Fisher more than I do Young. I know that sounds silly but I expect Young to act out and be the guy he has been. I didn’t expect Fisher to sink lower than Young and not show him any respect and not even give him a chance and pretty much calling, implying, him not a real man. I mean Young did try and apologize, even if it was over a text at least he took some time and thought about his actions. And right after this Young probably saw what Fisher said about him and decided not to go to his face and say sorry. People do say Young is very immature and I do agree with them at some point. I believe he is very sensitive; therefore, he is not as mature with the mix of the football world. Football isn’t for crybabies and for a person that will take fans booing him so personal. But I do think Young has matured on the field of play and understands how to win at the NFL level. Also I heard he kind of took Steve McNairs, a former NFL quarterback with Ravens and Titans, kids under his care and has been there for them after McNair suddenly died back in the summer of 2009. This is extremely respectable thing and shows a lot of character from Young. Now to Fisher. Fisher has been inconsistent the past years as the head coach of Tennessee. I don’t know if it is because they have a bad team or just don’t try. But lets see they had Albert Haynesworth last year with Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt. Those are stars and when you have two solid quarterbacks, one who could be a superstar, you expect to make it to the playoffs and when you don’t the coach should look bad, right?. They also had Cortland Finnegan and Michael Griffin in the secondary last year and again this year. Why isn’t this team good the last two years and making a big run at the Superbowl? Two years ago with Kerry Collins as the quarterback and he had the two running back system behind him and went 13-3, but lost at home in the second round of the playoffs, they only got to the second round because of a bye in the first round. With a great head coach and great talented players they should at least have gone to one AFC Championship game in the last five years or even ten years for that matter, but they haven’t . I mean Fisher has never won a Super Bowl and has only been to one so far. Vince Young has won a National Championship with the Texas Longhorns in 2006 against a great talented USC team with a game winning drive against a good defense. I don’t know why Fisher benched Vince Young earlier this year against the Pittsburgh Steelers, it made absolutely no sense. If he is going to be your starting quarterback, have enough confidence in him that he will bounce back in the game. Chris Johnson sucked in that game did you bench him and start Javon Ringer? No. Then why would you start an old washed up rusty quarterback in Collins and rely on him to get you back in the game? Fisher has never respected Young and always had no problem stating Collins over Young for no good reason. In 2009 when the Titans were horrible with Collins as QB, he didn’t start Young until they were 0-6 and pretty much out of the playoff picture. Lets just say the Titans ended the season 8-8 and not because of Fisher but because Young went 6-2 as a starter. Again this year Young went 5-3 and got benched in two games that he started, which the team lost both of those games. One he didn’t get injured and the other one he did in the first quarter and never came back into the game. That losses were pretty much Collins losses. Young has a grand total record of 30-17 as a starter in the NFL and if he had a coach that didn’t hate him it would probably be way better record. I think Fisher has never liked Young and that is why he benched him so easily in the past, and that is why he hesitated putting Young in and finally did when the team was 0-6, haha. Does this sound like a head coach that wants to win? No, it sounds like a coach that puts his own personal feelings into his decision of who to start. Just because you don’t like a player for your own personal reasons doesn’t mean you should bench him, especially if he is your best chance of winning. Even before Young acted out at the end of a game earlier this year, which started all this controversy between Young and Fisher, I believe Young acted out because he was sick of taking a back seat to a old-ass Collins and being benched in games when he does one little thing wrong. When Collins does a lot of things wrong in a game and goes 0-6 to start off the season Fisher still hesitates to start Young, even though he knows how to win. What the hell is Fisher thinking? He needs to grow up and put this on-going hatred for Young that has grown over the years aside, whether people have notice I sure have noticed. I don’t think they can settle their differences and Young will eventually be let go, even with the Titans owner being pissed about the outcome Young will be gone. Vikes should pick him up next year when he is healthy. So overall I am on Young’s side because Fisher has always had it out for Young and Young finally got sick of it and made comment he should have not made and Fisher did the same. The difference is Young tried to apologize for the comment but Fisher didn’t. This is called integrity and even if YOU, Fisher, don’t think Young has it doesn’t mean you don’t have to show any integrity as well, both need to grow up and separate. Young will be better off and Fisher will need to find a future quarterback that can win like Young or its his ass next year.

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